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12th December 2011


Smart guy lolz

Smart guy lolz

12th December 2011


How the unicorn was made

How the unicorn was made

12th December 2011


Someone tell me a joke or a scary story

  • Someone tell me a scary story or a joke. Successful entries will me rewarded

12th December 2011


Meet in the middle

Meet in the middle

19th October 2011


Well this is what all of you have been waiting for, my coverage of the 2011 Slammed Society Car Show. i hope you enjoy and please subscribe. … ooh and watch it in HD!! lolz … also check out my blog at:


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15th October 2011

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"Foo Fighters" concert @ The Forum 10/14/2011 

I started my day as usual but something interesting happened a really close friend Jonathan called me and asked if I wanted to go to a Foo Fighter concert at The Forum as a last minute birthday thing. Of course I said yes! its the fucken Foo Fighters!! who wouldn’t wanna see them in concert?!. They are the shit!!

So yeah getting to the venue we noticed that the fuckin’ parking was $25!! wow holly molly shit what a rip!! but it was coo cuz its the fuckin’ Foo Fighters!!

Entering the venue was a breeze. A lot of security and it was organized well. As we get to our seats we pretty stoked that we were really here. It was awesome. It still really didn’t really hit me that this is all happening. As 15 minutes past the stage was lit and the stadium light dimmed and the opening band came on! it was a shocker because i really don’t listen to this type of music. They were called “Mariachi El Bronx”. I think their first song was called “48 Roses” and the rest I forgot cuz to be honest I wasn’t really to interested in what they played. So as I snapped back into my thoughts the band is finally done and time for the stage hands to shine and change it up for the next act.

Getting back to our seats from a much needed smoke break we see “cage the elephant”. I must say wow to these guys put on a fantastic performance. The crowd showed so much love for them it was crazy. It was rumored that Dave Grohl of the “Foo Fighters” was going to be a sub drummer because their original stick man  Jared Champion’s appendix blew up. So after the first song we see Dave Grohl come running out and the venue goes fuckin’ wild. The energy in the venue changed in an instant they played songs such as “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”, “In One Ear” and “Shake Me Down”. Wow that was fuken sick!!

As everyone focuses their attention to the stage everything goes pitch black and the crowd goes wild. I guess we all knew that meant. It was time for 2Hrs of Foo Fighter mayhem.

They played all this in order

set list:

  1. Bridge Burning
  2. Rope
  3. The Pretender
  4. My Hero
  5. Learn to Fly
  6. White Limo
  7. Arlandria
  8. Breakout
  9. Cold Day in the Sun
  10. Stacked Actors
  11. Walk
  12. Monkey Wrench
  13. Let It Die
  14. These Days
  15. Skin and Bones
  16. This is a Call
  17. In the Flesh? (Pink Floyd cover)
  18. All My Life
  19. Encore:
  20. Long Road to Ruin (Acoustic)
  21. Best of You (Acoustic)
  22. Times Like These
  23. Miss The Misery (with Fee Waybill)
  24. Dear Rosemary
  25. Breakdown (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers cover)
  26. Everlong

The concert was a overall success. Foo Fighters always put on a dope ass show. All aspects of entertainment Foo Fighters covered humor, action, suspense, and tears. I was also happy to see Pat Smear on stage with them. It feels so complete when he is there and the sound just melds together in unison. The best way to know how people feel about their concerts is to just go to one. Enjoy the pictures(couldn’t use a real camera to take snaps so i just used my phone).

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14th October 2011


Formul D Round 7 | Slammed Society Car show

Well this is what all of you have been waiting for, my coverage of the 2011 Slammed Society Car Show. i hope you enjoy and please subscribe. … ooh and watch it in HD!! lolz … also check out my blog at:



music by:
Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane

Madlib - Please Set Me At Ease

enjoy and please subscribe

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11th October 2011


Formula D: Round 7 “Title Fight” -Recap

Formula D was filled with so much awesome. Just by walking around the grid and in the Slammed Society car show area I was welcomed by many smiling face, greeted by old and new friends. As the day goes the smell of tire smoke seems none existent when the attention is towards to the Slammed Society car show. With many dope cars and cute girls the sun sets on the Slammed Society car show the spot light turns to the main event Top 32 drift battle and in the end will be just one 2011 season title champ. DAIJIRO YOSHIHARA takes the win!!!.

watch video here


big thanks to,

Daniel Yogi Kruthanooch of illest @ http://fatlace.com/author/yogi/

the Fatlace fam @ http://fatlace.com

Formula D @ http://formulad.com

Garage Boso @ http://www.garageboso.com/

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